Natural Gas, Europe, and Russia

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Given the recent developments between Russia, Europe, and the Ukraine, with respect to natural gas, and the U.S. government concern regarding Nordstream 2, you may find these articles from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies interesting. The highlighted links are to either pdf files or, in one case, a podcast start site.

OIES Paper, "Gazprom in Europe -- Two 'Anni Mirabiles', but Can it Continue?" by James Henderson and Jack Sharples, March 2018.

Oxford Energy Insight, 31, "After the Gazprom-Naftogaz Arbitration: Commerce Still Entagled by Politics," by Simon Pirani, March 2018.

Gazprom Blue Fuel Magazine, "EU-Russia: Energy, Policy, and Competition", by Thierry Bros, Dec. 2017.

Related to Russia and Europe are the prospects for alternative supplies from Scandinavia or European countries, such as Norway and the Netherlands.

OIES Paper: NG127, "Norwegian Gas Exports: Assessment of Resourcesand Supply to 2035," by Marshall Hall, March 2018.

OIES Podcast on Dutch Gronigen Gas Field, March 2018.

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