Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) Paper, "Challenges to the Future of Gas: unburnable or unaffordable?" by Jonathan Stern

Tammy Nemeth Discussion

Dear H-Energy members,

The OIES has had a number of very interesting papers, comments, and insights publications on various energy issues over the past few months. The most recent paper, "Challenges to the Future of Gas: unburnable or unaffordable?" pertains to the future of natural gas as a transition fuel globally, rather than a discussion limited to the EU.

Below, I have listed some of the other papers, comments, and insights that members may find relevant and interesting. If you click on the titles, they should open a pdf file of the publications.  If you have any difficulties, or wish to share your observations or assessments with the network, please do either contact me or post them to the network.

Best regards,

Dr. Tammy Nemeth

Editor, H-Energy


OIES Paper

"Fiscal Policy for Decarbonization of Energy in Europe," by David Robinson with annexes by
Malcolm Keay and Klaus Hammes

"Assessing Kuwaiti Energy Pricing Reforms," by Manal Shehabi

"Local content and procurement requirements in oil and gas contracts: Regional trends in the Middle East and North Africa," by Damilola Olawuyi

"Electricity market design for a decarbonised future: An integrated approach," by Donna Peng, Rahmat Poudineh


OIES Comment

"OPEC's Hard Choices," by Bassam Fattouh

"US Crude Exports – Gaining Ground," by Dominic Haywood


OIES Insight

"Gasoline Demand in Transport in Non-OECD Asia," by Aunupama Sen, Michal Meidan, and
Miswin Mahesh

"The OPAL Exemption Decision: A comment on CJEU's ruling to reject [Gazprom] suspension," by Katja Yafimava

"Completion Design Changes and the Impact on US Shale Well Productivity," by Trisha Curtis, Benjamin Montalbano

"Gas and Taxes: The Impact of Russia’s Tinkering with Upstream Gas Taxes on State Revenues and Decline Rates of Legacy Gas Fields," by Vitaliy Yermakov, Daria Kirova

"The Council Legal Service’s assessment of the European Commission’s negotiating mandate and what it means for Nord Stream 2," by Katja Yafimava

"A restrained optimism in Canada’s oil sands: Is the improved efficiency, pipeline outlook, and technology bolstering the world’s largest petroleum resource enough to make it competitive?" by J. Peter Findlay


OIES Forum

"Issue 110: Searching for Natural Gas Demand in the Next Decade," This issue contains 14 short articles discussing the future of global natural gas demand.

Issue 109: Mexican Energy Reforms, This issue contains 13 short articles discussing the recent energy reforms in Mexico.