Trans Asia Photography Review - CALL for Submissions: Voyages

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The Trans Asia Photography Review seeks articles and projects relating to the theme of “Voyages” for possible publication in our spring 2018 issue. The term “voyages” here includes the voluntary and involuntary movement of individuals and groups, as well as the movement of photographic ideas and technologies from one city, region or nation in Asia to another. How and why do people, ideas and photographic technologies move about, and what are the aftereffects of these voyages?

Proposals due October 6
Please use the following formats to submit proposals:
Article (length open). Your proposal should contain an abstract and the author’s CV.
Curatorial project (10-15 images with introductory text). Your proposal should contain up to 5 thumbnail images in a pdf file, not to exceed 50 MB in total. Please send your images to via or a similar service. Images should be accompanied by a brief introduction and your CV; these may be included in the pdf or sent separately via email.
Translation (from an Asian language into English) of historical or contemporary articles about photography. Your proposal should contain information about the work to be translated and the translator’s CV.
Interview. Your proposal should contain background information about the interviewee and the interviewer’s CV.
Book/exhibition review. Your proposal should contain the title of the book or exhibition and the reviewer’s CV. (Note: An exhibition being reviewed must have a catalogue.)
Authors are responsible for obtaining picture permissions; forms for these are available on the TAP Review website.

Proposal deadline is October 6, 2017.
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Sandra Matthews
Editor, Trans Asia Photography Review