About the H-Net Book Channel

The Book Channel is a book announcement service that helps readers stay informed about recently published titles in their fields. The service imports new publisher catalogs via the Edelweiss service and sorts them into 56 different field lists. Each day, four of these lists are featured on the front page, repeating every two weeks. Readers can browse all the daily lists and the list of publishers imported thus far.

Beginning in Spring 2016, the H-Net Book Channel will begin to publish editorial content that aims to contextualize and comment on new trends in academic publishing. These will include short historiographical essays, pieces connecting headlines to deeper academic research, and ideas for ways to incorporate recent publications into introductory and survey courses.

There are no requirements to subscribe to the H-Net Book Channel. Subscribers will receive email notifications once editorial content is published. An RSS feed is available at the bottom of every individual book list.

To learn about what's happening on the Book Channel, follow us on Twitter @HNetBookChannel or get it touch at bookchannel@mail.h-net.msu.edu.