Editorial content on the Book Channel

Launching in Spring 2016, editorial content on the H-Net Book Channel will add scholarly perspectives to new book announcements. Commissioned essays, contributions from networks, syllabus modules, and other short-form scholarly and teaching-related content will contextualize new directions in academic research and publishing and connect them to larger public conversations. Such content might include: a round-up of publications in an emergent area; a blog post about how recent publications help to contextualize a headline or a current event; a syllabus module about a new field that can be integrated into a general survey; an essay about how a recent research trend fits into a broader history of ideas. Contributions from authors, editors, and publishing professionals will lend perspectives on issues facing academic publishing and advice for new authors. The editors hope to make the Book Channel a useful resource for H-Net subscribers and networks by maintaining a lively and visible platform that will become a go-to place to learn about and discuss new academic books. Authors who are interested in submitting a contribution should contact Book Channel Assistant Editor Caleb Owen.