Resources for Identifying Predatory Journals and Publishers

COPE guidelines (pdf)

  • Useful discussion document about predatory publishing that identifies key issues, describes impact on stakeholders, and analyses proposed interventions and solutions, from COPE, the Committee on Publication Ethics.


  • An international, cross-sector initiative that helps educate researchers on how to identify trusted journals and publishers for their research, with specific advice for books and chapters and journals, available in multiple languages.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

"Identifying predatory or pseudo-journals," by Christine Laine and Margaret A. Winker

  • A document by the World Association of Medical Editors that helps editors, researchers, funders, academic institutions, and other stakeholders distinguish predatory journals that prey on academics for financial profit from legitimate journals operating on an author-pays model.

Beall's List of Potential Predatory Journals and Publishers

  • An archived version of the Beall's list, a list of potential predatory publishers created by librarian Jeffrey Beall. No longer updated, other than updating links and notes.

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