Feeding the Elephant Team

Editorial Collective

Catherine Cocks is editor-in-chief at Michigan State University Press and acquires in anthropology, contemporary issues, criminal justice, rhetoric, and US and African history. After earning a PhD in history, she went into publishing and over nearly twenty years has worked at SAR Press, the University of Iowa Press, and the University of Washington Press. Despite the challenges facing scholarly publishing, she's convinced the opportunities for transformative change are greater. You can follow her on Twitter @catherine_msup if you really want to, but it's a lot more fun to follow @dawnd.

Dawn Durante is editor-in-chief at University of Texas Press and acquires books in the fields of history, American studies, and Black studies. Dawn’s publishing career started with an undergraduate internship at University of Arizona Press. After completing a BA in English at U of A, she earned an MA in literature and a graduate Certificate of Scholarly Publishing from Arizona State University with a thesis on peer review and electronic book publishing. She is committed to demystifying scholarly publishing—both for aspiring publishing professionals and authors—and to networking across the various stakeholders in the higher education ecosystem. You can follow her on Twitter @dawnd.

Yelena Kalinsky is associate director for research and publications at H-Net, overseeing book reviews, open access journals, and podcasts. In this role, she helps H-Net editors to think through creative opportunities to use H-Net's non-profit, open access, digital publishing and networking platform, The H-Net Commons, to create peer-moderated and permanently accessible resources for their scholarly communities. In addition to her work at H-Net, Yelena is an art historian and translator whose work has appeared in both traditional academic publications and independent presses. She is an assistant professor of art history at Michigan State University and is particulalry interested in exploring how the changing landscape of academic labor intersects with scholarly publishing and scholarly communications. She tweets occasionally @kyelenak.


Liz Murice Alexander, Mellon editorial fellow, Northwestern University Press, @blkvibration

Doug Armato, director, University of Minnesota Press, @noctambulate

Lisa Bayer, director, University of Georgia Press, @lisambayer

Courtney Becks, librarian for African American studies and Jewish studies bibliographer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Martyn Beeny, marketing and sales director, Cornell University Press, @MartynBeeny

Erin Benay, associate professor of early modern art and co-director of undergraduate studies, Case Western Reserve University

Sara R. Benson, interim head of the Scholarly Commons and copyright librarian, University of Illinois Library, @SaraCopyLib

Walter Biggins, editor-in-chief, University of Pennsylvania Press, @walter_biggins

Ann Bingham, exhibits and awards coordinator, UNC Press

Eliot Borenstein, professor of Russian, New York University, @eliotb2002

Becca Bostock, associate editor and subventions coordinator, Ohio State University Press, @becca_bostock

Jim Burr, senior editor, University of Texas Press

Robert Cassanello, associate professor of history, University of Central Florida, @Cassanello

Michael Chibnik, emeritus professor of anthropology, University of Iowa

Samuel Cohen, associate professor of English, University of Missouri, @cohenss

Sara Jo Cohen, senior acquiring editor, University of Michigan Press, @thunder_rhoda

Rebecca Colesworthy, acquisitions editor, SUNY Press, @RColesworthy

Anne Cong-Huyen, digital scholarship strategist, University of Michigan, @anitaconchita

Julia Cook, assistant director and managing editor, University Press of Colorado and Utah State University Press

Jennifer Crewe, associate provost and director, Columbia University Press, @jecrewe

Kelly Finefrock, project editor, University of Alabama Press

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, director of digital humanities and professor of English, Michigan State University, @kfitz

Rachel Fleming-May, associate professor, School of Information Sciences, the University of Tennessee

Amanda Frost, project editor, Michigan State University Press

Laura Furney, assistant director and managing editor, University Press of Colorado and Utah State University Press

Barry M. Goldenberg, research fellow, Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME), Teachers College, Columbia University, barrygoldenberg.com@barrygoldenberg

Historians on Housewives is Kacey Calahane, Jessica Millward, and Max Speare; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook: @historiansh

Christopher Hoadley, associate professor, New York University, @tophe

Valerie Hotchkiss, university librarian, Vanderbilt University

Sharon Ince, digital services librarian and associate professor, Seton Hall University Libraries

Amanda Krause, editorial, design, and production manager, University of Arizona Press

Rachael Levay, acquisitions editor, University Press of Colorado and Utah State University Press

Mary Lui, editorial, design, and production coordinator, University of Toronto Press

Siobhan McMenemy, senior editor, Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Kurt Milberger, coordinating editor, Michigan State University Press, @kurtmilb

Dominique J. Moore, acquisitions editor, University of Illinois Press, @DomTheEditor

Gianna Mosser, director, Vanderbilt University Press, @EditrixMosser

Megan Kate Nelson, writer and historian, @megankatenelson

Kathleen O’Brien-Nicholson, associate director and marketing & sales director, Fordham University Press

Laura Portwood-Stacer, developmental editor and publishing consultant, ManuscriptWorks.com, @lportwoodstacer

Laura Rocco, outreach and engagement librarian at California State University, Stanislaus, @roccowrites

Tony Sanfilippo, director, Ohio State University Press, @toekneesan

Johanna Schuster-Craig, assistant professor of German and global studies, Michigan State University, @SchusterCraig

Hajni G. Selby, director of programming and conferences, Organization of American Historians, @HajniSelby

Amy Sherman, managing editor, University of Pittsburgh Press, @andcleverness

Cynthia Neal Spence, associate professor of sociology and director of UNCF Mellon Programs, Spelman College

Jenny Tan, associate editor, University of Pennsylvania Press, @byjennytan

Dave Tell, professor of communication studies and co-director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Kansas, @tell_dave

Erin Thompson, associate professor of art crime, John Jay College (CUNY), @artcrimeprof

John Vsetecka, PhD candidate, Department of History, Michigan State University, @JohnVsetecka

Anastasia Wraight, project editor, Michigan State University Press

Saul Noam Zaritt, associate professor of Yiddish literature, Harvard, @saulnoamz

Graduate Assistants

Kendra Wheeler (2019-2020), from Chicago, Illinois, has recently received her Master of Music degree in saxophone performance under Preston Duncan from the University of Minnesota where she also received her Bachelor of Music Education degree under Eugene Rousseau. She has been an active advocate for music education, as well as, for the inclusion, visibility, and engagement of the underrepresented within the composition, performance, and academic disciplines within classical music. Wheeler has been the recipient of numerous scholarships, grants, and awards including prizes from PanAmerican International Saxophone Competition, North International Music Competition, Thursday Musical, Vandoren Emerging Artist, and Downbeat Magazine. Wheeler began her Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) degree at Michigan State University under the study of Joseph Lulloff in the fall of 2018. Kendra assists with research for Feeding the Elephant and has compiled a number of the resource lists for the forum.