The Elephant Roundup (January 2021)

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Libraries & Librarianship

  • “I'm Still Speaking: Amplifying the Black Experience in LIS" (The 2020 Augusta Baker Fall Forum), November 11, 2020,

    • The 2020 Augusta Baker Fall Forum took place on November 19, 2020. This session featured a Q&A style conversation with five Black librarians who shared their candid and informative experiences with the LIS profession.


Open Access

  • Dr. Frances Pinter, “Knowledge Infrastructures, Monographs and Why Open Access Must be Part of the Post Pandemic ‘New Normal,’” Oh the Humanities! blog, August 26, 2020. h/t H-HistBibl

    • From the author: “I believe that with some much overdue changes to the way we publish monographs, we can use this crisis to mark a commitment to reducing costs while improving dissemination of these specialist monographs that provide the foundational basis for development in the HSS subjects.”

  • “Exclusive: Knowledge Unlatched Flips the Pluto Journals to Open Access,” Publishing Perspectives, January 11, 2021.

    • Pluto Journals is an “independent publisher of social science and humanities journals...on a variety of subjects including politics, current affairs, international studies, law, political economy, and Arab and Islamic studies.”

  • “Springer Nature CEO Vrancken Peeters: Case for Gold Open Access,” Publishing Perspectives, January 12, 2021.

    • Springer Nature CEO Frank Vrancken Peeters's keynote address at Berlin’s 2021 Academic Publishing in Europe conference focused on "openness and transparency."



  • Livewriters,

    • From the site: “Livewriters curates an engaging, immersive, user-friendly experience where a diverse collection of the most important and compelling podcasts about books, authors and publishing can be shared and enjoyed.”

Fiscal Health of Colleges & Universities.

  • Eleni Schirmer, “It’s Not Just Students Drowning in Debt. Colleges Are Too!,” The Nation, November 20, 2020,

    • “As the federal government has dialed back funds, universities have turned to debt financing to keep their doors open.” Not specifically about publishing, but the fiscal health of colleges and universities certainly trickles down through the entire publishing and library ecosystem.

The Humanities

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