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An occasional newsletter from the editors of Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

As we follow the topics of common interest to scholars, librarians, and publishers, the Elephant's editorial collective will be using this space to share links to news stories, updates, and announcements related to the long-term themes of interest to the forum. If you have a link you'd like us to consider in a future newsletter, please reply to this post, email us, or tag us on Twitter @HNetBookChannel.

Issues of Peer Review

  • “Racialized Trauma on the Tenure Track,” by Daisy Verduzco Reyes. Inside Higher Ed, October 23, 2020.

    • “Like many other Black and Latinx scholars, I faced bias in the publication process, but it arrived in a form I did not expect. After revising a book proposal and sample chapters according to the recommendations of an editor at an elite press, I was informed that they couldn’t send my materials out for review after all, because they had no “vetted Latinx reviewers.” When I offered a number of possible candidates, they were all rejected on the grounds that none had published in presses that were sufficiently highly ranked. How the press’s own practices ensured this imbalance would be reproduced appeared to be lost on them.”

Developments in Open Access

  • CEU Press Announces Innovative Open Access Funding Model, October 22, 2020.

    • “In line with international movements towards making academic content Open Access (OA), both for journals and books, and in keeping with our mission to disseminate quality scholarship widely, CEU Press is launching a new partnership programme with research libraries worldwide. The Opening the Future project is a membership scheme for libraries who can participate either from their OA funds or their acquisitions budgets. This is an alternative to author-facing OA charges for forthcoming books that do not have research funder support. With this pilot scheme CEU Press is introducing a model that will reduce costs to libraries while opening up books to readers around the world.”

  • SSHRC awards grant for national open access platform through Pan-Canadian Knowledge Access Initiative, October 13, 2020.

    • “SSHRC has granted $3 million in support for a bilingual, national, open access platform, Coalition Publica.… Coalition Publica is a partnership between Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project to advance research dissemination and digital scholarly publishing in Canada. Through the PCKAI funding, SSHRC is supporting Coalition Publica’s outreach activities for a noncommercial, open source national infrastructure for digital scholarly publishing, dissemination, and research—combining Open Journal Systems and the platform. The funding also goes towards coalition research investigating the Canadian scholarly publishing ecosystem.”

  • “A New Home Online for Closed College Libraries?,” by Rick Seltzer. Inside Higher Ed, October 21, 2020. (h/t H-HistBibl)

    • “When Marygrove College in Detroit made the decision to close at the end of its fall semester last year, the small Roman Catholic institution’s leaders needed to figure out what to do with its library collection….They donated the bulk of Marygrove’s collection to the Internet Archive … The Internet Archive uses controlled digital lending to loan print books digitally in a manner sometimes called lend like print. Under controlled digital lending, libraries own physical materials but make them available as digital copies. They only make available as many digital copies of a book or journal as they own physical copies. But the type of lending that the Internet Archive uses is controversial. The organization is embroiled in a lawsuit with major publishers over whether it is legal or not. In the meantime, the Internet Archive is progressing with the collection from Marygrove. Tuesday, it announced that items from the college’s library are now available online.”

  • Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem (TOME) 2020 Meeting, October 22, 2020:

    • Author Perspectives Roundtable featuring faculty authors sharing their experiences with open access and their thoughts on the future of OA monographs in their disciplines.

Coping with Virtual Conferences

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