Happy #PeerRevWeek20!

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A post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

This year, Peer Review Week is September 21-25. Here at the Elephant, we are so excited that we are dedicating the entire month to posts about peer review. This year’s theme of trust in peer review speaks to many dimensions of peer review: trust in the process, trust in peer reviewers themselves, and the role of peer review in vetting trustworthy scholarship.

Throughout September, we’ll be dedicating our weekly Wednesday content to the subject of peer review with a range of topics, from the more traditional elements of peer review to thinking through peer review of new scholarly formats. Here is the lineup:

  • Working with Your Editor: Ten FAQS about Book Peer Review by Dawn Durante

  • Advice for First-Time Peer Reviewers by Yelena Kalinsky

  • Journal Peer Review: Tips for Being an Effective Reviewer by Mike Chibnik

  • How Do You Peer Review a Podcast? by Robert Cassanello

We hope you’ll tune in each week, and we invite responses to these posts to help generate more discussion around peer review, and especially trust in peer review. There are many ways you can participate in peer review week, including using the #PeerRevWeek20 hashtag and following @PeerRevWeek on Twitter. 

And to explore even more aspects of peer review, like transparency, diversity and equity, and open review, we invite readers to check out the Peer Review collection on the Elephant front page.

Happy Peer Review Week!

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