Managing a career in publishing (Scholarly Kitchen)

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Feeding the Elephant readers may be interested in a recent guest post from the Scholarly Kitchen called "Managing Your Career in Publishing," focusing on identifying and developing skills and professional networking through organizations like the Association of University Presses, the Association of American Publishers, and the Society for Scholarly Publishing. These are, of course, useful tips at any stage of a career.

We would like Feeding the Elephant to become a resource for anyone interested in working in scholarly communications. In that spirit, if readers have other links, resources, or anecdotes about careers in scholarly publishing that they wish to share, please post them below, and we'll compile a Careers in Publishing resource list. Thanks!

For scholarly communication librarians, a good resource is the ACRL website devoted to it, especially the Scholarly Communication Toolkit. While it is designed for librarians, it contains useful information for anyone interested in the topic and related careers.