Kathryn Conrad on University Press Publishing

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Continuing our coverage of University Press Week, readers may be interested in a recent conversation between Kathryn Conrad, president of the Association of University Presses and founder and editor of the New Books Network, Marshall Poe, about (what else?) university presses. If you are a regular listener of Poe’s New Books episodes, you’ll recognize his no-nonsense approach to the academy and scholarly work. In this conversation, he and Conrad make a strong case for the value of university presses--from the central role of peer review in university press publishing to the ability to put out specialized titles that provide core research on timely subjects. Conrad gives scholars advice for approaching publishers and working with acquisitions editors (do it early and use the phone). And Poe and Conrad discuss the challenges and opportunities facing university presses, including the everpresent costs of publishing, ebooks and digital publishing, multimedia integration, and open access.

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