University Press Week

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A post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications

It’s University Press Week! Yes, this is an actual thing, established in 1978 when President Jimmy Carter proclaimed it “in recognition of the impact, both here and abroad, of American university presses on culture and scholarship.” The current incarnation launched in 2012, when the Association of University Presses celebrated its 75th anniversary.

This year’s theme is Read. Think. Act. It celebrates the role of scholarship in providing the information we need to address critical and complex issues. AUPresses members have put together a sampler of more than 70 books that inspire readers to think and act to make our world a better place. Climate change, prison reform, refugees, what it means to live a decent life, the treatment of disadvantaged students at elite colleges, digital literacy: university presses publish important books on these and many more issues in every academic discipline and on every place on earth (and in space, too!). You can download the list, or just click through a gallery of their eye-catching covers.

Along with panel discussions at the Texas Book Festival and Book Culture in New York City, participating presses will be unrolling a blog tour this week. We’ll also have some testimonials from publishers and authors on the value of university presses later this week.