From the Web: Elements of Indigenous Style

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Book Channel readers following developments in editing will be interested in a new interview from the CBC with editor Gregory Younging, whose Elements of Indigenous Style came out last month. In addition to addressing the challenges facing Indigenous authors, Younging discusses issues of editorial style and preserving the author's voice. 

Written in the context of controversies in Canadian publishing around attitudes toward Indigenous authors, Younging hopes that his guidebook will improve the experiences of Indigenous writers with their editors. From using correct terminology to sensitivity to traditional knowledge, editors and seeking to decolonize publishing will find this guide a helpful resource.

H-Net has addressed related questions in the past, as in this episode of the Art of the Review podcast dedicated to the reviewer's voice. Listen as H-Net's Robert Cassanello chats with Michael Munnik of H-SAE about best practices for editing non-native English speakers to preserve their authentic voices.

You can listen to the CBC interview with Younging here.