Gratitude from the Feeding the Elephant Editorial Board

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Post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

With the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, the Feeding the Elephant Editorial Board would like to share what about this forum makes them grateful.

Catherine Cocks

I’m grateful to Yelena Kalinsky, H-Net’s previous Associate Director of Research and Publications, for making Feeding the Elephant happen, and to Emily Elliott for bringing such great energy and creativity to the project when Yelena moved on to her next adventure. I’m grateful to Dawn Durante for the unique blend of insight and enthusiasm that makes her such an amazing editor and colleague. I’m grateful to the many contributors who wrote for us in 2022 and are already writing for 2023 posts, and to the many readers who find the Elephant useful. I’m grateful to the team at H-Net–the small staff and the large, far-flung network of volunteers–who created, sustain, and remake this unique scholarly enterprise daily. And finally, I am grateful to my coworkers at Michigan State University Press, who keep on doing the work of scholarly publishing with commitment and good humor even in difficult times.

Dawn Durante

Every Friday morning over the last few years, I look forward to meeting with my fellow members of the Elephant editorial collective. I am grateful for the camaraderie we’ve built that make our meetings a space to talk about professional challenges while also focusing on the Elephant forum and bring our different perspectives on what topics and content about scholarly communication we can foster and post about. I’m grateful for the increasing established connections that the Elephant is building with collaborators, and AUPresses, Brown University Digital Publications, and Paths and Publishing. And, it is truly amazing to witness the growth in how the Elephant is being embraced by scholarly publishing, library, and scholarly communities. We’re grateful to every person or organization who has posted with us, and especially appreciative of the people who have sought us out to pitch us a piece and volunteer to write.

Emily Joan Elliott

Feeding the Elephant gives me so much to be grateful for! When I joined the team in May, Yelena Kalinsky provided me with excellent training, and one of the highlights of my work week is meeting with Catherine Cocks and Dawn Durante to plan what’s next for Feeding the Elephant. I find our work personally fulfilling because it provides me with a space to bridge my journalism and academic backgrounds. What I find most rewarding, however, is reading the posts from our guest authors and working with them to publish each piece. With every new post, I learn more and more about the world of scholarly communications, and I hope our readers do too.

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