Call for Participants: Anne Moody Workshop for Scholars

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Call for Participants:  Anne Moody Workshop for Scholars
Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2022 (Mode: Zoom)
Deadline for applications:  March 1, 2022

This workshop is a one-day virtual event designed to gather scholars from a broad range of disciplines who want to explore, analyze, celebrate, and contextualize the work and life of Anne Moody, author of the iconic Coming of Age in Mississippi (1968).  The ultimate goal will be to inspire further research and scholarship on Anne Moody with potential for publication.

Participation is open to scholars seriously interested in any aspect of Anne Moody’s life, writings, activism, iconicity, legacy, etc. No previous independent research of or publication on Anne Moody is required or expected. Scholars of color are especially welcome.

The format will be informal and geared toward connecting, learning, and sharing our perspectives on and ideas about Anne Moody as well as our experiences as readers, scholars, and instructors of Coming of Age. Presentations will be informal and made in roundtable fashion.  We will ask participants to speak for a few minutes about their particular interest in, experience of, or angle of vision on Moody and her work. After a round of follow-up comments and general discussion we’ll take a short break. The second half of the workshop will be devoted to discussing specific themes, questions, and areas for investigation, such as Moody’s...            

  • Stature and legacy as Civil Rights activist/leader and writer
  • Relationship to Civil Rights leaders and other activists
  • Perspectives on non-violence, Black Power, feminism, and global movements
  • Contributions to theorizing race/racism, anti-capitalism, and social justice
  • Position on interracial relationships, political alliances, and collaborations
  • Life abroad
  • Writings beyond Coming of Age
  • Personal, romantic, familial relationships and friendships
  • Childhood, experiences in adolescence, and education
  • Health, illness, self-care, access to healthcare & social services

Also, such topics as...

  • Publication and public reception of Coming of Age
  • Disciplinary perspectives, teaching, and student reactions to Coming of Age
  • Coming of Age as Black Feminism and role it has played in WGSS and Black Studies curricula
  • Influences on Moody as activist, writer, and autobiographer
  • Influence of HBCs, in specific, on Moody’s development as activist, leader, and writer
  • Effects of racism, impoverishment, disenfranchisement, white violence, and trauma on Moody as well as Moody’s resiliency, persistence, and survival of same
  • Historiographical/methodological considerations in researching/writing about Moody         

The Anne Moody Workshop for Scholars will take place virtually on Tuesday May 18, 2022, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.  

If you are interested in joining the workshop, please send an email by March 1, 2022 to TJ Boisseau ( Attach a 1-2 page Word doc or pdf to your email message that includes the following:

Required information (page one):

  • Name, professional title, institutional, departmental affiliation, and email address
  • Primary discipline & fields/topics of research (25 words, max)
  • Brief description of your principal area of scholarly interest regarding Anne Moody’s life, writings, activism, celebrity and iconicity, legacy, etc. (150 words max)

****Please Confine all “Required information” to one page, maximum!****

Optional additional information (page two) could include:

  • Description of any current, proposed, or possible plans for future research on Moody
  • Citations of any previous publications focused on or closely related to Anne Moody
  • Citations of publications that are not, or are only tangentially related, to Anne Moody (but convey the relevance of your scholarly expertise and interests).

****Please Confine “Optional additional information” to one additional page, maximum!****

Principal organizer:     TJ Boisseau (Purdue University)

Miya Carey (Binghamton University)
Shelby M. Driskill (University of Richmond)
Leigh Ann Wheeler (Binghamton University)
Deborah Gray White (Rutgers University)

Please feel free to contact the principal organizer directly with any questions.