SOUNDS. Yearbook of the German Children’s Literature Research Society (GKJF) 2021 now online

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The fifth volume of the Open Access journal Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung(GKJF)/ Yearbook of the German Children’s Literature Research Society, with the focus on "SOUNDS", is now online at:

It focusses on the historical and contemporary dimensions of sounds in children's and young adult literature; seven articles examine the narratological, political and cultural dimensions of this multifarious topic in various medial forms from both theoretical and material perspectives, and discuss these in terms of their significance for today’s children’s and young adult culture. The forms and genres range from poetry and hymns through picturebooks, piano music for children and composer biographies to literary soundtracks.

Beyond the focus theme, three articles address questions of children’s and young adult literature and media from a historical or theoretical perspective, and a critical overview of most recent research on children's and young adult literature and media is presented in a section with 22 reviews.

Articles in the Yearbook are in German or English; articles in German include an abstract in English. An Advisory Board of twenty-five international experts peer review articles to ensure the highest standards of research and transparency. The articles are indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.

Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung / Yearbook of the German Children’s Literature Research Society 2021
Edited by Gabriele von Glasenapp, Christine Lötscher, Emer O'Sullivan, Caroline Roeder and Ingrid Tomkowiak on behalf of the Children’s Literature Research Society in Germany and German-speaking Switzerland in cooperation with the Austrian Children’s Literature Research Society.

186 pages

ISSN 2568-4477



Heidi Lexe: Seiten aufschlagen. Saiten anschlagen. Formen und Funktionen eines literarischen Soundtracks / Open the Book, Strike Up the Music. Forms and Functions of a Literary Soundtrack

Lars Oberhaus | Mareile Oetken: Das Bilderbuch als Klangmedium. Ästhetische, wissenschaftliche und künstlerische Perspektiven / The Picture Book as a Sound Medium. Aesthetic, Scientific and Artistic Perspectives

Ulrike Kristina Köhler: Talking to the Holy Spirit and Growling with the Bears. Singing Child Characters in Eighteenth-Century Hymn Books for Children

Matthew Roy: The Guiding Hand. Hidden Adult Authority in Children’s Piano Music

Andreas Wicke: Vom Mozartbuch für die Jugend zu Little Amadeus. Das Mozart-Bild in Kinderliteratur und -medien / From The Mozart Book for Youth to Little Amadeus. The Image of Mozart in Children’s Literature and Media

Amrei Flechsig: Beethoven und Mozart als Helden der Jugend? Über Komponistenbiografien in sowjetischen Jugendbüchern / Beethoven and Mozart as Heroes for the Young? Composer Biographies in Soviet Youth Literature

Heiko Strunk: Lyrikline. Die Stimmen der Dichter:innen im Internet – ein Selbstporträt / Lyrikline. Poets on the Internet in Their Own Voices


Maren Conrad: Was sich der Wald erzählt von Gustav zu Putlitz. Überlegungen zu ›prekären Literaturen‹ und ›prekärem Wissen‹ einer Kinderliteratur um 1850 / Gustav zu Putlitz’s What Was Said in the Woods. On ›Precarious Literature‹ and ›Precarious Knowledge‹ in Children’s Literature around the 1850s

Petra Josting: Hört zu! Kinder- und Jugendliteratur im Rundfunk der Weimarer Republik und der NS- Zeit / Listen! Children's and Youth Literature on the Radio during the Weimar Republic and the Era of National Socialism

Ute Dettmar: Kindsein – Erinnern – Erzählen. (Selbst-)Beschreibungen von Kindheiten in ›Wendezeiten‹ in erinnerungskultureller und generationeller Perspektive / Recalling and Retelling Childhood. The (Self)Depiction of Childhood during German Reunification from Memory Culture and Generational Viewpoints