Boyhood Studies (Vol. 14, Issue 1)

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The latest issue of Boyhood Studies has published! This special issue is a Part 2 reflection on Raewyn Connell's pivotal text, The Men and the Boys.


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Volume 14, Issue 1

The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years on: Revisiting Raewyn Connell's pivotal text


Guest Editors Introduction

The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years On: Revisiting Raewyn Connell’s Pivotal Text

Victoria Cann, Sebastián Madrid, Kopano Ratele, Anna Tarrant, Michael R.M. Ward, and Raewyn Connell


Still Just Hegemonic After All These Years?: “Worst Thing S/He Thinks About Me” Predicts Attitudinal Risk Factors for High School Healthy Relationships Program

Jessica J. Eckstein and Erika Sabovik


“Let Us Be Giants”: Masculinity Nostalgia and Military Edutainment in South Asian War Comics

Tehmina Pirzada


“Girls Are Like Flowers; Boys Are Like footballs”: How Fathers Hope to Configure Their Sons’ Masculinity

Florencia Herrera



Hegemonic Masculinity and “Badness”: How Young Women Bargain with Patriarchy “On Road”

Clare Choak


Towards an Affirmative Feminist Boys Studies

Timothy Laurie, Catherine Driscoll, Liam Grealy, Shawna Tang, and Grace Sharkey


The Unrealized Potential of Body-Reflexive Practices: Intimations of a New Materialism

Steve Garlick


Boyhood, Sport, and the Mild Brutalization of the Body

Jeff Hearn



My Reflections on Connell

Michael J. Richardson


Masculinity, Fun, and Social Change: Reflections on The Men and the Boys

C.J. Pascoe


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