Call for Papers: Childhoods and South-South Migration

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Call for Papers for Children & Society Special Issue (May 2023)

Childhoods and South-South Migration


This special issue aims to explore how childhoods are imbricated within the complex processes of migration between and across national borders in the developing world. Till date, there is an all-too limited understanding of how South-South migration and inequalities shape and are, in turn, shaped by childhood and youth transitions. Explorations of these issues are inherently interdisciplinary, intersectional, and multi-faceted - notably involving discussions on education systems, legal and governmental frameworks, norms and cultures, identities and social inequalities. Recognising the fact that researching migration demands a networked understanding of contributing factors and patterns, connecting nodes, and driving forces (the push and pull factors), we seek conceptual and empirical contributions that shed light on children and childhoods in the context of migration flows in the global South. These questions have become particularly urgent amidst the current global pandemic, which has radically altered the dynamics of national borders and the lives of migrant communities.


We specifically welcome cross-, and inter-disciplinary research articles that revolve around (but are not restricted to) the following key concerns:


  • How researching children and childhood can offer a unique lens for understanding the dynamics of South-South migration?
  • What South-South migration processes teach us about children, childhoods and social inequalities?
  • What do the relationships between south-south migration and childhood research teach us about childhood research methodologies and ethical guidelines, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?


We welcome contributions from scholars in different academic disciplines who are interested in better understanding children's lives in the context of South-South migration, through an interdisciplinary and intersectional lens. We seek papers that deeply engage with and focus on children and young people's own perspectives and subjective experiences surrounding South-South migration (their migration or that of their parents, and subsequent impacts), and that wish to actively contribute to the decentring of Childhood studies so as to generate novel evidence and stimulate necessary paradigm shifts. We especially welcome contributions from underrepresented and under researched contexts in the global South. We also encourage scholars to critically engage with or even challenge the concept of ‘global South’ as an analytical framework for thinking about geographical and geopolitical inequalities that shape these migratory processes.


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Guest editorial team:

Dr Michael Boampong, Open University, UK

Hadil Dayri, Samuel Hall, Tunisia

Dr Nassim Majidi, Samuel Hall, Kenya and Wits University, South Africa

Dr Utsa Mukherjee, University of Southampton, UK