Virtual Seminar: reception of Child Survivors: Then and Now 16.2.21

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The Holocaust Studies Program

 Western Galilee College, Akko, Israel

Children of War, Holocaust and Genocide project


 Is honored to host a Virtual Seminar 

Children in Crisis V:

Challenges of Reception of Child survivors:
Then and now


With Father Patrick Debois, Dr. Beth B. Cohen, Dr. Rebecca Clifford, Mr. Günter Jek, Ms. Mickey Dror and Ms. Nehama Grenimann.
Conveners: Dr. Verena Buser and Dr. Boaz Cohen  


The expert knowledge gained in the post Holocaust and WWII years on rehabilitating children after war, flight and genocide on the macro and micro level is hardly known today. For present day youth welfare workers and personnel in shelters and homes this knowledge could be of immense importance. Educational approaches and methodologies in child rehabilitation developed at the time are relevant today. It is imperative to bring the knowledge gained then, to the people shouldering this burden today. The aim of this workshop is to connect today´s child refugee welfare experts, NGOs, and youth welfare staff with historians researching work with children in the post Holocaust and WWII era.  


The event will take place on ZOOM,

 Tuesday, 16 February , 2021, 18:00-20:50 Israel Time,
 11:00 AM - 01:50 PM East Coast time, USA