Boyhood Studies (Vol. 13, Issue 2)

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Volume 13, Issue 2

The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years on: Revisiting Raewyn Connell's pivotal text


Guest Editors Introduction

The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years On: Revisiting Raewyn Connell’s Pivotal Text

Victoria Cann, Sebastián Madrid, Kopano Ratele, Anna Tarrant, Michael R.M. Ward, and Raewyn Connell


Making The Men and the Boys – Free to access until January 31, 2021

Raewyn Connell


Becoming a Super-Masculine “Cool Guy”: Reflexivity, Dominant and Hegemonic Masculinities, and Sexual Violence

James W. Messerschmidt


Leisuring Masculinities in British Indian Childhoods: Explorations at the Intersection of Gender Order and Generational Order

Utsa Mukherjee


Boyz2Men: Male Migrants’ Attitudes to Homosexuality and What Age Has To Do with It

Katarzyna Wojnicka


The Peer Group’s Agency in a Brazilian School

Cinthia Torres Toledo and Marília Pinto de Carvalho


Challenging Dominant Representations of Marginalized Boys and Men in Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities - OPEN ACCESS

Steven Roberts and Karla Elliott



Situating Right-Wing Populisms and Revisiting The Men and the Boys under the Neoliberal Turn

Amrita De


Raewyn Connell and the Making of Masculinity Studies in South Africa

Robert Morrell



An Appreciation of the Ethnographic in Connell’s The Men and the Boys

Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower


Men and Masculinities the Journal: Raewyn Connell’s Influence on its New Vision

Joseph D. Nelson, Tristan Bridges, and Kristen Barber


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