Girlhood Studies (Vol. 13, Issue 3)

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Dear Colleague, Dear Colleague,

Dear Colleague,


The latest issue of Girlhood Studies has published! This special issue on COVID-19 is free to access until March 1, 2021.


Girlhood Studies is published in association with the International Girls Studies Association (IGSA).


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Volume 13, Issue 2



The Lives of Girls and Young Women in the Time of COVID-19

Claudia Mitchell and Ann Smith



Russian Girls Construct Freedom and Safety in Pandemic Times

Olga Zdravomyslova and Elena Onegina


Left Behind by COVID-19: Experiences of “Left-Behind” Girls in Rural China

Jue Wang


The Girlhood Project: Pivoting our Model with Girls During COVID-19

Cheryl Weiner, Kathryn Van Demark, Sarah Doyle, Jocelyn Martinez, Fia Walklet, and Amy Rutstein-Riley


Girls and Young Women Negotiate Wellbeing during COVID-19 in Quebec

Jennifer A. Thompson, Sarah L. Fraser, Rocio Macabena Perez, Charlotte Paquette, and Katherine L. Frohlich


“Some Things Just Won’t Go Back”: Teen Girls’ Online Dating Relationships during COVID-19

Alanna Goldstein and Sarah Flicker


Ghostly Presences OUT THERE: Transgender Girls and Their Families in the Time of COVID

Sally Campbell Galman


Social Isolation and Disrupted Privacy: Impacts of COVID-19 on Adolescent Girls in Humanitarian Contexts

Sarah Baird, Sarah Alheiwidi, Rebecca Dutton, Khadija Mitu, Erin Oakley, Tassew Woldehanna, and Nicola Jones


Pre-pandemic Influences on Kenyan Girls’ Transitions to Adulthood during COVID-19

Meghan Bellerose, Maryama Diaw, Jessie Pinchoff, Beth Kangwana, and Karen Austrian


Kokums to the Iskwêsisisak: COVID-19 and Urban Métis Girls and Young Women

Carly Jones, Renée Monchalin, Cheryllee Bourgeois, and Janet Smylie


Girls, Homelessness, and COVID-19: The Urgent Need for Research and Action

Kaitlin Schwan, Erin Dej, and Alicia Versteegh


Visual Essay

Intersectional Pandemics in Bangladesh: The Effects of COVID-19 on Girls

Nasrin Siddiqa


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