SHCY 2021 - Galway : A Panel Proposition : Geography/Education/Colonialim/Empire/Youth Imaginations...

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Dear colleagues,

I'm proposing a paper for the SHCY 2021 on the geographical imagination of Quebec students during the "New Imperialism Era". I aim to understand how geographical knowledge - imperial, missionary and literary - was transmitted to young people through the school. How they integrated and appropriated this geographical imagination? How did they make sense of it? It is through the voices of these Quebec students that I will show how an attachment to the territory (place-attachment) which justified colonialism was performed and how imaginary voyages produced the empire and its hierarchies.

I would be really pleased to join a panel or to create one with others on themes relevant to this one.

Please be in touch if this is possible :


Catherine Larochelle,

Professor, History, Université de Montréal