Looking for panelists for SHCY in Galway in June 2021

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Hi all,

I am looking for panelists for a SHCY conference proposal on childhood and activism. 

My paper will focus on activism in Australia connected to the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission. I am also happy to join an existing proposal if my paper fits with a panel you are organising. The focus of the panel could be either public inquiries and the involvement of survivors or it could focus on activism and advocacy more specifically.  

If you are interested in joining a panel, or if you have space in a proposal you are submitting that fits with my topic, please contact me this week (apologies for the short notice): Katie.Wright@latrobe.edu.au

Best wishes,


Dr Katie Wright

Associate Professor, Sociology 

Research Leader, Department of Social Inquiry

School of Humanities and Social Sciences | La Trobe University | Melbourne, 3086 | Australia
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