Girlhood Studies (Vol. 12, Issue 3)

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Dear Colleague, Dear Colleague,

Dear Colleague,


A new issue of Girlhood Studies has published!


Girlhood Studies is now published in association with the International Girls Studies Association (IGSA).


Volume 12, Issue 3

Resurgent Interruptions: Girls in Settler and Carceral States



Creating a New Trail

Claudia Mitchell


Guest Editorial

Reimagining Girlhood in White Settler-Carceral States

Sandrina de Finney, Patricia Krueger-Henney and Lena Palacios



Pathologizing Latinas: Racialized Girlhood, Behavioral Diagnosis, and California's Foster Care System

Isabella C. Restrepo


"There's Something About HER": Realities of Black Girlhood in a Settler State

Kandice A. Sumner


Beyond the Body Count: Field Notes as First Responder Witness Accounts

Patricia Krueger-Henney


BlackGirl Geography: A (Re)Mapping Guide towards Harriet Tubman and Beyond

Loren S. Cahill


Red Ribbon Skirts and Cultural Resurgence: Kimihko sîmpân iskwêwisâkaya êkwa sihcikêwin waniskâpicikêwin

Kari Dawn Wuttunee, Jennifer Altenberg and Sarah Flicker


Rekinning Our Kinscapes: Renegade Indigenous Stewarding against Gender Genocide

Sandrina de Finney, Shezell-Rae Sam, Chantal Adams, Keenan Andrew, Kathryn McLeod, Amber Lewis, Gabby Lewis, Michaela Louis and Pawa Haiyupis


Imagining Alternative Spaces: Re-searching Sexualized Violence with Indigenous Girls in Canada

Anna Chadwick


Love as Resistance: Exploring Conceptualizations of Decolonial Love in Settler States

Shantelle Moreno


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