Call for 1-2 panelists for global youth mobilities panel at "Children and Youth on the Move" Conference--London, June 21-23, 2018

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Looking for 1-2 panelists for "Children and Youth on the Move" conference, convened by the Children's History Society, which will take place at the University of Greenwich, London, June 21-23 2018 (  

Our proposed panel theme will be on the intersection of global youth mobilities and organizational, communal and personal development during the 20th century.  Two papers have already submitted: 1) on transnational youth intellectual tourism from Lebanon to Europe, West Africa, India, and South America during the 1930s-1950s and 2)  on the emergence of youth knowledge communities on the Soviet Hippy Trail during the 60s-70s.  

Ideally, we would like 1-2 papers that complement these papers, speak to the themes of global youth mobility and societal development, and take these themes before/beyond the 1930s-70s in places outside the Middle East and Soviet Union (preferably Africa or East Asia, but open to other regional foci).  

If interested, email as soon as possible.  300 word abstracts and 2-page CVs will be due internally to on Monday October 30th in preparation for November 1st deadline.


Dylan Baun, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of History
University of Alabama in Huntsville