TOC: Girlhood Studies (Vol. 10, Issue 2) - Technologies of Nonviolence

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Dear Colleague,

Devoted to "technologies of nonviolence," this special issue of Girlhood Studies examines how this notion might lead to a reimagining of both urban and rural spaces as sites of networked resistance and transformation for girls and young women.

Volume 10, Issue 2

Technologies of Nonviolence: Reimagining Mobile and Social Media Practices in the Lives of Girls and Young Women.

Guest Editor: Laurel Hart

Editorial: Technological Nonviolence and Girls: Creating a Counter Discourse, Claudia Mitchell

Introduction: From Risk to Resistance: Girls and Technologies of Nonviolence, Laurel Hart


 “For Girls to Feel Safe”: Community Engineering for Sexual Assault Prevention, Day Greenberg and Angela Calabrese Barton

Girls and Young Women Resisting Rape Culture through YouTube Videos, Chloe Krystyna Garcia and Ayesha Vemuri

Technologies of Nonviolence: Ethical Participatory Visual Research with Girls, Astrid Treffry-Goatley, Lisa Wiebesiek, Naydene de Lange, and Relebohile Moletsane

Networked Technologies as Sites and Means of Nonviolence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Laurel Hart, Pamela Lamb, and Joshua Cader

Terms of Silence: Weaknesses in Corporate and Law Enforcement Responses to Cyberviolence against Girls, Suzanne Dunn, Julie S. Lalonde, and Jane Bailey

Social Media and the Sexual Exploitation of Indigenous Girls, Dustin William Louie

Exploring Disabled Girls’ Self-representational Practices Online, Sarah Hill


Way to Go: The Significance of Place for Girls and Girlhood Studies, Eva Hoffmann

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