New TOC: Girlhood Studies (Vol. 11, Issue 2: Honoring the Legacy of Jackie Kirk)

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With this issue of Girlhood Studies, we recognize the tenth anniversary of the death of Jackie Kirk, one of the co-founders of the journal. This issue begins with the other co-founding editors' tribute to Jackie, followed by a visual essay "Honoring the Legacy of Jackie Kirk," in which a special international event that took place earlier this year that paid tribute to her work is documented. This tribute is free to access. The articles all relate to girls, education, and social responsibility, very much in keeping with Jackie Kirk's professional life.


Volume 11, Issue 2



Girls, Education, and Social Responsibility

Claudia Mitchell


Tribute - Free Access

Honoring the Legacy of Jackie Kirk

Fatima Khan, Claudia Mitchell and Marni Sommer



Guiding Girls: Neoliberal Governance and Government Educational Resource Manuals in Canada

Lisa Smith and Stephanie Paterson


Delivering Sexual and Reproductive Health Education to Girls: Are Helplines Useful?

Joan Njagi


"Stumbling Upon Feminism": Teenage Girls' Forays into Digital and School-Based Feminisms

Crystal Kim and Jessica Ringrose


"Something Good Distracts Us from the Bad": Girls Cultivating Disruption

Crystal Leigh Endsley


Unequal Education in Preschool: Gender at Play

Jessica Prioletta


Girls' Work in a Rural Intercultural Setting: Formative Experiences and Identity in Peasant Childhood

Ana Padawer


Being a Responsible Violent Girl?: Exploring Female Violence, Self-management, and ADHD

Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist and Linda Arnell

Book Reviews

Christianity and Sexuality: Girls and Women Forge New Paths

Sharon Woodill


Interrogating the Intersections of Girls and Sex

Hanna Retallack


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