ANN: SHCY Survey

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Hello Colleagues:

The Society for the History of Children and Youth (SHCY) invites you to participate in a survey designed to inform our efforts to advance the production and dissemination of historical research on childhood and youth.

This questionnaire has been written for any researcher or professional engaged with historical work on childhood and youth across disciplines, topics, regions, periods (etc.).  We hope to better understand your backgrounds, interests, and preferences regardless of whether you are a SHCY member or have previously attended our events. 

The survey can be completed with any hand-held device or computer with an internet connection.  It takes about 10 minutes – depending on how much you wish to write.  Link to it at:

Giving a small amount of your time will help us to do better than guessing after or projecting our own limited experiences upon what we know is a very diverse group of people. 

Many Thanks,

Patrick J. Ryan
SHCY President