CFP: SHCY Commentaries - Online Publication

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A Call for Submissions for “SHCY Commentaries” -- The Society for the History of Children and Youth will be launching a new website in a magazine format in September 2018.  As part of our website renewal, we will be introducing three, non-peer-reviewed online series:  featured books; featured students; and SHCY commentaries. 

We invite those working on childhood and youth to submit research findings, interviews, reflections, reviews, and commentaries in any media form (text, visual, or audio) on any topic, institution, question, region, approach, or historical period.  Submissions may introduce historiographic or theoretical questions, discuss methodological challenges, reflect upon scholarly journeys, address professional issues, comment on current politics and policies, or offer substantive claims within the history of childhood and youth (widely construed).  

We hope SHCY Commentaries will be produced and circulated in diverse shapes and sizes; and that it will provide an accessible space for scholarly discourse outside peer-reviewed journals and books, academic conferences and programs of study.  Texts should typically be between 1,000 and 4,000 words.  Audio/Video files should typically be under 30 minutes.  Photographs and other visual materials are welcome.  And, we are open to alternative lengths and to discussing opportunities for multi-lingual productions. 

Commentaries will be featured upon and permanently accessible on SHCY’s website.  Interested scholars should contact us or submit ideas and materials to, or correspond directly with  SHCY’s online editor, Patrick Ryan at

Please circulate at will.