ANN: The Future of the Journal for the History of Childhood and Youth

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Dear Colleagues:
I am writing to draw your attention to a roundtable discussion dedicated to the state of the Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth and to the Society's search for a new home and editor for JHCY prior to next summer (July 2018).  I invite you to join a conversation about this critical juncture for the field, and its premier journal.  
We will begin with a progress report on JHCY from Jim Marten.  The floor will be open for delegates to ask questions or make comments on the journal.  Much of the session, however, will turn to the outlook for relocating the journal under new editorship in 2018.  We will hear from the chair of the search committee, Tamara Myers, and current editor JIm Marten, and two former editors of JHCY: Laura Lovett and Karen Sánchez-Eppler.  
We will discuss the alignment of institutional resources and hear about the work experiences of successful editorship.  Our hope is to foster a conversation among the wider membership and between colleagues who may be prepared and willing to become candidates for this most important position in our field.  
Details about the session are as follows:
1.6 ROUNDTABLE: Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth: Biennial Report and Future Outlook
Wednesday June 21, 10-11:30 AM - Law School, Room E-108, Rutgers University - Camden
Patrick J. Ryan, SHCY President
Kings University College at Western University–Canada
Roundtable Participants:
James Marten, JHCY Editor 
Marquette University 
Tamara Myers, Chair of JHCY 2018 Search Committee and SHCY VP-President Elect
Lehigh University
Laura L. Lovett, Former Editor of JHCY
University of Massachusetts
Karen Sánchez-Eppler, Former Editor of JHCY
Amherst College
Patrick Ryan