Playing with Space: Children and their Environment - Oxford Colloquium 8 July 2017

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Playing with Space: Children and their Environment. Colloquium: Saturday 8 July 2017 9am – 5:30pm

Centre for the History of Childhood, Magdalen College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK


The annual Centre for the History of Childhood Colloquium at Oxford University, UK, will be held on Saturday 8 July 2017 9-5:30. Please see the programme below. For registration details, please visit:, and email



9.00 – 9.20: Registration

9:20-9.30: Aims for the Colloquium: Playing with Space

9.30-11.00: Session 1: Children and their Environment –  chair Laurence Brockliss

Leif Jerram (Manchester) Putting Children in their Place

Gina Crivello (Oxford) Children creating and pursuing ‘spaces of possibility’: evidence from Young Lives study of child poverty in Ethiopia

11.15-12.45: Session 2: Domestic spaces – chair Jane Humphries         

Annemarieke Willemsen (National Museum of Antiquities, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) Places to Play in the Middle Ages: medieval toys and where they were found

Jane Hamlett (Royal Holloway) Making Home: children and their material worlds at home and school in Victorian and Edwardian England

12.45-2.00: Lunch

2.00-3.30: Session 3: Institutional spaces – chair Christina de Bellaigue

Matthew Grenby (Newcastle) Young antiquarians

Shelly Newstead (UCL) Adventure playgrounds: places for play, or spaces for childhood?

3.45-5.15: Session 4: Wild spaces – chair George Rousseau

Steve Gunn and Tomasz Gromelski (Oxford) Children’s accidents and children’s environments in sixteenth-century England

Oenonie Kubie (Oxford) “The Streets Swarm With Children”: Children’s relationship to city space in Chicago, 1890-1930

5.15-5.30 Closing discussion: Playing with Space?

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