PUB: Urbanities-Journal of Urban Ethnography

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As Co-Editor, with Italo Pardo, of Urbanities-Journal of Urban Ethnography, I am pleased to announce the publication of the new issue -- Vol. 7 No 2 November 2017. This is a Special Issue on "The Dreams and Nightmares of City Development" and it is available for free download at:

Table of Contents

Special Issue, The Dreams and Nightmares of City Development Guest Editors, Olsi Lelaj and Nebi Bardhoshi

Introduction The Dreams and Nightmares of City Development: Urban Planning, Ideologies and Social Movements in Contemporary Cities by Olsi Lelaj and Nebi Bardhoshi

Urban Transformations, Ideologies of Planning and Actors’ Interplay in a Booming City - Austin, Texas by Marie Le Guen

Landscapes of Globalization in Ordinary Towns: Logistics and Trade Apparatus by Fabrice Raffin, with Oliver Pollet

Transforming Places, Changing Deities: Forms of Spatial and Symbolic Negotiation in Marseille by Maria Elena Buslacchi

Institutional Actors in Action: Building Governance in the City by Paola De Vivo

Youth in Ramallah: Internal Fragmentation under Occupation by Mariangela Gasparotto

Cities and the Ideology of Cultural Participation: A Discussion with Reference to the ‘Opening-up’ of Museums by Bella Dicks