Call for manuscripts: Kyushu University Border Studies' online paper series

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Kyushu University Border Studies (KUBS) is an inter-disciplinary research unit that is a part of the Center for Asia-Pacific Future Studies of Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan). Please look at our website for further information.

KUBS looks out to original contributions to its online paper series: Border Briefings and Border Bites. Contributions on border-related ethnic issues are particularly welcome.

Border Briefings are full-length papers on any aspect of border studies. Each Briefing consists of up to 10,000 words on a particular border or a specific aspect of border studies, allowing our authors to examine such borders in depth. Authors are encouraged to develop a border or aspect of border studies that may be unfamiliar to the majority of readers, or to examine new developments within a familiar topic. Our already published Briefings can be found here: 

For further details, please contact the Border Briefings editor-in-chief, Serghei Golunov, at this address:


Border Bites are short-size papers that can be made to serve a number of goals: they can be short policy papers offering quality analysis regarding contemporary border developments, primers on the current status of particular borders or issues, or introductions to particular research questions or the research of an individual border studies scholar. More historically-focused pieces should seek publication as one of our Border Briefings. Each Border Bite consists of between 1-3,000 words on a single border or issue, with the use of visual materials encouraged. Our already published Bites can be found here:

For further details, please contact the Border Bites editor, Edward Boyle, at this address: