CFP: Unpacking superdiversity: new directions in diversity research, University of Birmingham, UK, 25th May 2017

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Unpacking superdiversity: New directions in diversity research

New researcher symposium



25th May 2017 - Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS), University of Birmingham

What does this involve?

The Doctoral Researcher Diversity Network (DRDN) at the University of Birmingham invites all new researchers (including PhD candidates, practitioners, and those pursuing postdoctoral research) who are studying different aspects of diversity to share their ideas, considerations and findings. 

We draw on Vertovec’s  definition of superdiversity as “a term intended to underline a level and kind of complexity surpassing anything previously experienced in a particular society” (Vertovec 2007), so all papers are welcomed which explore the ‘diversification of diversity’ in its many forms.

The purpose of the symposium is to provide the opportunity to develop experience presenting research; to discuss work in a supportive and friendly environment; to meet and network with peers across disciplines, and to connect with other like-minded colleagues to discuss emerging research issues. Researchers from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply, and theoretical as well as empirical papers are welcomed.

Why this session is important?

This is an exciting opportunity to showcase new and ongoing research and test ideas in the growing research field of superdiversity. The session aims to encourage the formation of a community for new researchers across disciplines, to share experiences, expertise and offer peer support and constructive feedback.

A selection of papers from the symposium will be considered for inclusion in an edited edition of the IRiS working paper series. The series provides a platform for research that is theoretically and methodologically innovative, empirically grounded and policy relevant. Past papers have addressed a range of topics including issues surrounding population dynamics, security, cohesion and integration, identity, global networks, rights and citizenship, service delivery, well-being, social exclusion and opportunities superdiverse societies offer to support economic recovery.

Submitting an abstract

Abstracts should be sent to IRiS manager Ann Bolstridge by 3rd March 2017. The abstract (max. 500 words) should include:

  • Name, affiliation and 200 word bio of applicant(s)
  • Title
  • Research questions
  • Rationale for the research
  • Methodology (if appropriate)
  • Implications of the research

Each presenter will have 20 minutes to present their paper, followed by 10 minutes for Q&A.

There are limited places available and new researchers are encouraged to submit abstracts to secure a place. However, if you wish to attend the session and not present, please do get in contact.


The fee for attending the conference will be £20 to cover the cost of lunch and refreshments. A small number of no-fee bursaries will be available for low income participants. If you want to apply for a bursary, please add a brief cover letter to your abstract explaining why you are applying for the waiver.

DRDN webpage:

IRiS Working Paper series:


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