PUB: Journal of Civil and Human Rights 3:2 now available

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Issue 3:2 (Fall/Winter 2017) of the Journal of Civil and Human Rights, published by the University of Illinois Press, is now available.

Research-Based Articles

"Organize the People": The 1975 City Council Races in Multiracial Chicago by Gordon K. Mantler


The Black Peoples Unity Movement and Friends: The Brief Emergence of an Interracial Black Power Movement in Camden, New Jersey, 1968 by Laurie Lahey


The "Jewish Question" in the Black Mind: The Image of World Jewry in African American Socialism by Clayton Vaughn-Roberson


Book Forum on The Revolution Has Come: Black Power, Gender, and the Black Panther Party in Oakland by Robyn C. Spencer

Life in the Struggle by Tracy E. K'Meyer


"Sisters Up in Here": Women, Gender, and Party Politics in The Revolution Has Come by Ashley D. Farmer


Bring Back the Revolution: Black Power, Oakland, and the Black Panther by Quito Swan


The Shape of Government Repression and the Importance of Organizational History by Garrett Felber


A New and Exciting Account of an Old and Familiar Story by Michael Ezra


Inside the Gun of the Black Panther Party by Ibram X. Kendi


Author response by Robyn C. Spencer