Recent "Ethnic" Publications by Co-Editor

Jerome Krase's picture

It has been some time since I co-edited an H-NET group, so to test my ability to submit, I thought I would try to share some of my more or less recent publications touching on the issue of ethnicity, especially those that are open access:

"Naive, Scholar, and Roots Tourism in Italy: A Visualized Personal Journey," Il viaggio in Italia delle migrazioni italiane: il “turismo delle radici” nel pssato e nelle nuove mobilità," Altreitalie, July-December 2022, 65.

REV ESSAY: The Italian Legacy in Philadelphia: History, Culture, People, and Ideas, edited by Andrea Canepari and Judith Goode. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2021.VIA: Voices in Italian Americana 2022, 33 (2): 107-111.

“Social Justice and Brooklyn Development: 500 Years of Struggle,” The City is an Ecosystem: Sustainable Education, Policy, and Practice edited by Deborah Mutnik, et al. Routledge. 2022: 166-176.

REV: Silencing Shanghai: Language and Identity in Urban China, by Fang Xu. Lexington Books, 2021 Urbanities 11(2), 2021.

“Storymaking and Photography: The Visual Essay and Migration,” in Visual Methods in Migration Studies edited by Karolina Nikielska-Sekula and Amandine Desille, Springer IMSCOE. 2021: 141-159. With Timothy Shortell.

FILM REV:  Joseph Puleo America’s Last Little Italy: The Hill, Italian American Review, 12, 2021: 168-72.

REV ESSAY: “Ethnic Identity: Then and Now,”: Sense of Origins: A Study of New York’s Young Italian Americans, by Rosemary Serra. (Translated by Scott R. Kapuscinki, State University of Albany Press, 2020. Urbanities. 11 (1), 2021: 97-100.

REV. ESSAY: Mundunur: A Mountain Village Under the Spell of South Italy, by Michele Antonio Di Marco, Via Media Publishing, 2020, and On Being Great Again, A Surgeon, A Soldier, A Family Man, Jack J. Caleca, MD, by Diane Campbell Green, Covenant Books, 2019. VIA: Voices in Italian Americana 32 (1): 152-58.

“Little Italies and Gentrification,” Etnografie del Contemporaneo, 4, Gentrificazione e margini edited by Francesco Mangiapane. 2020: 109-66.

Visual Sociology of the Vernacular Urban Landscape: An Interview with Jerome Krase,” Les manières de faire vernaculaires: Vernacular Ways, Interfaces: Image, Text, Language, 44, 2020. With Jordi Ballesta and Eliane de Larminat.