Open Access, Transparent Peer Review

Chair: Kathleen Franz, Smithsonian Institution
• Kathleen Franz, Smithsonian Institution
• Benjamin Alpers, University of Oklahoma
• Adrea Lawrence, University of Montana
• Caleb McDaniel, Rice University
• Sara Clark, Indiana University

On-line journal editors, bloggers, and programmers from Education’s Histories, The Programming Historian, and the U.S. Society for Intellectual History, will discuss the changing nature of publication and the push by scholars to change the methodology and the public dissemination of scholarship. The roundtable will consider questions about the shifting terrain of scholarship, the rise and legitimacy of digital publication, the growing demand for open-access venues, the need for transparency in peer review, and the use of digital tools to create new forms of history.

Recorded in April 2018 at the OAH Annual Meeting held in Sacremento, California as part of the Mellon-funded Amplified Initiative.

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Open Access, Transparent Peer Review - Full Session / System Administrator / February 12, 2019

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