State of the Field: Chicana/o Movement History Q&A

Chair: Marisela Chávez
Panelists: Maylei Blackwell, Matt Garcia, David Montejano, and Lorena Oropeza

This spring marks the fiftieth anniversary of many critical Chicana/o Movement actions including the East L.A. “Blowouts.” In this roundtable, the panelists will reconsider 1968 alongside the rise of Chicana/o Movement historiography. Since the first calls for raza studies, scholars have worked diligently to recuperate these histories and build a body of scholarship that explains that significance of Chicana/o experience. This panel will assess this work, its revelations about the movement, the emergence of its foundational scholars who have documented and theorized its relevance, and the future of the field.

Recorded in April 2018 at the OAH Annual Meeting held in Sacremento, California as part of the Mellon-funded Amplified Initiative.



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State of the Field: Chicana/o Movement History Q&A / System Administrator / February 11, 2019

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