About H-Net Networks

H-Net's driving energy comes from hundreds of volunteer field experts who serve as editors and advisors for H-Net's vast collection of digital Networks, where hundreds of thousands of subscribers and readers meet to share information, discuss their professional and educational interests, and pursue the life of the mind online.

Your donations directly support the technical and programming resources necessary for the maintenance and further development of the H-Net Commons platform. Here is a brief sampling of the exiting projects your donations have contributed to:

The Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project - As part of a nationwide celebration of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, this project focuses on the history of the role of Kentuckians in that effort.

The OCR Bookshelf at H-Russia - An archive of hundreds of primary documents that have been scanned with Optical Character Recognition in order to provide searchable, full-text, research resources.

The Art of the Review Podcast series - A weekly podcast produced out of the H-Net Reviews office that looks at reviewing both narrowly and broadly.

The World War I Crossroads - A collaboration between editors on the H-Net Commons dedicated to the scholarly study and discussion of World War I and the centennial commemoration of the conflict.

The National Park Service Timeline - A timeline of National Parks created in the United States.

H-Diplo's Syllabus Archive - This page offers a dynamic and growing resource for the teaching community that features sample syllabi from a range of courses in diplomatic history.

Digital Asia - Digital humanities projects in Asian Studies, classified by region, by subject, and by intended use (teaching, research, other). Click on the titles for a brief synopsis for each site.

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