Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note: 6/14-6/21

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In a relatively light week for relevant podcasts, the Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note blog offers many episodes as researchers move into the depths of summer projects. This week, episodes focus on explorers, migration, abolition, remembrance, and family.

The Right has found a bottomless well of resentment among their audiences for the promotion of anti-academic sentiments through facile critiques of Critical Race Theory. This resentment leading to more intensive culture wars will only increase, from specific concerns with local school boards, within tenure committees, and seeping into classrooms at every level.

Academic freedom is under threat from a political movement that does not use evidence to create concepts of truth. Evidentiary reality is not incentivized on the Far Right, and consequently holds little weight. Opposingly, disinformation is incentivized, and grows through diverse media machines blaming all supposedly invasive others for the plight of the Western self. For society to overcome this creeping movement of willful ignorance and conspiratorial worldviews, academic freedom must be maintained.

Be strong in the abnormal.

Wear Masks (Double). Wash Hands (Often). Get the Shots When You Can. Keep Distance.

Stay safe.

Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note:

1) CSPAN – Lectures in History – “Early Atlantic Exploration” – William Fowler!

2) History Extra Podcast – “African Europeans”

3) The Age of Jackson Podcast – “The Science of Abolition” – Eric Herschthal

4) Princeton University African American Studies – “Juneteenth: Past, Present, and Future”

5) New Books Network – Rachel Hynson – Laboring for the State: Women, Family, and Work in Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-1971

This Date in History:

6/19/1865 – Juneteenth

6/16/1858 – House Divided Speech

Remembrance of Past Podcasts:

New Books Network also included an episode of contemporary interest with Javier Guerrero C. on Narcosubmarines: Outlaw Innovation and Maritime Interdiction in the War on Drugs.

Stay safe.


Andrew Kettler

Co-Editor, H-Atlantic