Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note: 10/5-10/12

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H-Atlantic Subscribers,

After a relatively light week on the podcast feeds, the Atlantic History Podcasts of Note blog continues highlighting numerous episodes for scholars of the Atlantic littoral. This week, episodes focus on indigenous revolt, faith, elections, gender, and African nationalism.

As well, this podcast listing continues to post a version of A Journal of the Plague Year with fearful expectance of the arriving and deathly cold weather months. In many ways, the failure of Western society to prevent the second wave has already happened, even though the numbers have yet to increase to newly shocking ranges.

Those numbers of cases and deaths will become shocking again soon, essentially because of so many who made mask wearing a political issue, selfishly promoted a subterranean discourse promoting herd immunity as a strategy, and supported a ridiculous general policy that has worked to only trap the old and ill for many more months in closed rooms of fear and dreaded anticipation.

A large group of Americans, in many ways, have failed to apply the natural categories of empathy and caring during this pandemic, finding cover from leadership and the lax behavior of others to rarely blame themselves for the possible death of another.

The deep pall of sadness and death is soon to only increase upon a weary population as the now eight-months warning of public health experts as to the coming horrors of a despairing winter were pushed aside so summer and fall could be experienced by the healthy with nearly full grandeur.

Try, at least, to make a dent in the case load now.

Try, at least, to keep limiting the coming wave.

Try, at least, to be human in the continuing and approaching darkness.

Be strong in the abnormal.

Wear masks. Wash hands. Keep distance.

Stay safe.

Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note:

1) New Books Network – Charles Walker – Witness to the Age of Revolution: The Odyssey of Juan Bautista Tupac Amaru

2) BBC Radio 4 – In Our Time – "Deism"

3) Ben Franklin’s World – “Elections in Early America: Democracy and Voting in British North America”

4) Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition - Rachel Stephens on Slavery and Suppression in Antebellum American Art

5) New Books Network – Elleni Centime Zeleke - Ethiopia in Theory: Revolution and Knowledge Production, 1964-2016

This Day in History Class:

10/11/1899 – Second Boer War Began

10/9/1967 – Che Guevarra Executed

Remembrance of Past Podcasts:

BBC’s History Hour has posted an important survey episode on the Windrush Generation in their series on British Black History.

Stay Safe.


Andrew Kettler

Co-Editor, H-Atlantic