Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note: 5/25-6/1

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It often seems that little more can be said about the dire circumstances facing the contemporary global citizen.

Pathways to helpful action or postitive discourse seem easily stunted as frustration grows.

Leadership in many regions of the former Atlantic World has faded into absent narcissism and latent populism, as different households continue to brace their loved ones ever harder, searching for safety while living amidst more of the spiraling and potent combination of pandemic and racial injustice.

In the United States, protests bleed from centuries of racial violence born on the shores of the Middle Passage. Silence deafens from the halls of power, while disinformation and subterfuge accelerate. Social media relays the emotional content of the hateful, with comment boards full of social darwinism, racism, and anti-intellectualism.

Not being able to breathe marks the time in which we now live, whether from knees on necks or a virus filling lungs.

Where is the hope? Where is the leadership?

The Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note blog has attempted to search for normalcy in these exceedingly dark times.

This will obviously be a failure, as pandemic continues, and racial injustice is consistently swept aside through scapegoating.

This week, the hollow attempt at normalcy focuses on episodes released on warfare in the late Atlantic World, Pan-Africanism, modern capitalism in Latin America, environmental change, and the role of fevered disease during the slave trade. As well, look below to the Remembrance of Past Podcasts section for work on contemporary forms of slaving that have continued and accelerated well beyond Atlantic Era.

In this world searching for answers and hope, we must consistently look to each other, and trust that the majority of people have the innate empathy that many of our leaders now clearly lack.

Stay safe.

Atlantic Studies Podcasts of Note:

1) Lectures in History – The Spanish-American War – Joseph Glatthaar

2) New Books Network – Jah Kingdom: Rastafarians, Tanzania, and Pan-Africanism in the Age of Decolonization – Monique Bedasse

3) New Books Network – Guerilla Marketing: Counterinsurgency and Capitalism in Colombia – Alexander Fattal

4) New Books Network – Landscape of Migration: Mobility and Environmental Change on Bolivia’s Tropical Frontier, 1952 to the Present – Ben Nobbs-Thiessen

5) New Books Network – The Yellow Demon of Fever: Fighting Disease in the 19th-Century Transatlantic Slave Trade – Manuel Barcia

This Day in History Class:

5/30/1967 – Republic of Biafra Established

5/28/1831 – Eliza Ann Gardner Born

Remembrance of Past Podcasts:

For a reading of slaving in the contemporary world, New Books Network also posted an episode with Jane Gordon on Statelessness and Contemporary Enslavement.


Andrew Kettler

Co-Editor, H-Atlantic