Call for Papers: Association of Caribbean Historians

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The Global Caribbean
54th Annual Conference of the
Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH)
San Juan/Carolina, Puerto Rico, June 11-15

The ACH Executive Committee is pleased to announce that its 54th Annual Conference will be held in San Juan/Carolina, Puerto Rico, from June 11 to June 15, 2023. Our plan is to return to hosting the conference in person, but we will continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and will announce any changes in early 2023.

For the 54th Annual Conference, the overall theme will be “The Global Caribbean.” We invite paper, poster, and panel proposals on any aspects of the above theme, but especially those that reflect on how the region has historically influenced global affairs or on the ways that regional and international forces have shaped specific Caribbean experiences and ideologies. The theme allows for interrogation of historically symbiotic as well as contentious relationships between Caribbean identities and global dynamics. Conference papers may address how the region has and actively continues to re-shape national identities and relationships with former and current nee-colonial states, all while negotiating the uncertainty of the present situation marked by political crises and protests, exogenous shocks in the global political economy, and a rapidly changing climate and environment.

In addition to the overall theme of the “Global Caribbean,” the 2023 conference will also welcome papers on the following topics suggested by members after our last Annual General Meeting (AGM):

  • Heritage Tourism
  • Disaster Capitalism
  • Health, Wellness and Nutrition
  • Reparatory Justice
  • Caribbean Pioneers
  • Languages, Multiculturalism, and Conceptual Thought in the Caribbean
  • The Caribbean – Lessons for Negotiating a Changing World
  • Musicians and Musical Influences in the Caribbean

While papers on these themes are encouraged, applicants are welcome to submit proposals on other subjects.

The deadline for proposals is October 21, 2022.  For more details--and Spanish and French versions of the Call For Papers--please visit: 

Has there been any word from our colleagues in Puerto Rico following the destruction of Hurricane Fiona. Are they safe? How can we offer assistance to the recovery efforts?