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My dissertation discusses the treatment of Chicago's wetlands in law. It crosses over between environmental and legal history, in an attempt to follow the leads of Theodore Steinberg / Nature Incorporated (Cambridge 1991) and Arthur McEvoy / The Fishermans' Problem (Cambridge 1986).

I will test for Horwitz's subsidy thesis in the weakening of common law protections to private property owners to favor emergent entrepreneurial industrial uses of property. I will also test for Louise Halper's and Christine Rosen's hypotheses that courts' increasing use of the "balancing doctrine" facilitated their favoring emergent over longstanding industrial uses of property. With luck I'll be mucking about in both archives and marshes (with hipwaders) for the next couple years!

Betsy Braun University of Chicago, History Dept, 3d year grad 5326 Harper, Chicago IL 60615 312/684-1955 etb2@kimbark.uchicago.edu

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