New Exhibition Book--CiViChon: City in a Village

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Albert L. Park (Claremont McKenna College), Kyong Park (UCSD) and Annie Pedret (Seoul National University) are pleased to announce the publication of the exhibition catalogue for "CiViChon 1.0: City in a Village," which was featured at the Vienna Biennale 2021 (MAK, Vienna, Austria). 

CiViChon 1.0 "is a narrative tool of invention that combines conventional research methods with world building, narrative fiction and design fiction to propose an alternative future for villages in South Korea. The concept of CiViChon is to support the recent increase of reverse migration from the city to rural areas based on an agro-ecological cultural model of renewal that satisfies the mental, social and physical needs and desires of a current rural residents, and those of future urban dwellers who could be motivated to move to the village. CiViChon 1.0 is a fictive village that challenges conventional approaches to rural revitalization that continues to privilege the values of modern economics and the market by imagining a more diverse, equitable, and physically, socially and mentally sustainable rural future (Annie Pedret)."

A copy of the exhibition catalogue can be found in the EnviroLab Asia online journal:

More information on CiViChon can be found at