NEH Summer Institute: Worlds in Collision

 Applications are invited from college faculty, full-time or contingent, to participate in a three-week Summer Institute exploring the newly accessible archives of 16th century Spanish and Nahua textual and pictorial documents that give expression to the new existential realities created by the Spanish incursions into the Valley of Mexico in 1519-1521: the overthrow of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, and the founding of Spanish colonial Mexico City.

INAH Finds Mexica Symbols on an Ancient Dike

INAH Finds Mexica Symbols on an Ancient Dike in Ecatepec, Mexico

A variety of different news sources are reporting that INAH has found 11 Mexica symbols in a tunnel in Ecatepec, North of Mexico City. Petroglyphs, stucco reliefs, a war shield, a bird of prey were among the symbols found.  A Teocalli symbol dedicated to Tlaloc the rain god was on a central stone.

Death of Miguel Leon-Portilla

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my friend and mentor, Dr. Miguel Leon-Portilla.  From our first meeting in 1974 he was nothing if not kind and generous in every way.  He was a noble successor to his teacher and mentor, Angel Maria Garibay.  Together they forged the world of Nahuatl Studies.


I will miss him.




Texas Mesoamerica Meetings, 2020

The University of Texas has announced the call for papers for the Mesoamerican Meeting (Formerly the Texas Maya meetings).  The meetings will be January 16-18.  The deadline for proposals is November 11.




J. F. Schwaller

Editor, H-Nahuatl

University at Albany


ANN: 1519, the Arrival of Strangers: Indigenous Art and Voices  following the Spanish Conquest of Mesoamerica

1519, the Arrival of Strangers: Indigenous Art and Voices 

following the Spanish Conquest of Mesoamerica

A Symposium in Homage to Miguel León-Portilla

October 3-4, 2019, 10AM - 5:30PM Getty Research Institute

October 5, 2019, 10AM - 5:30PM Cal State Los Angeles


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Sermonario video

This video was part of the exhibition "Sermones en mexicano: Tesoros en lengua náhuatl de la Biblioteca Nacional" which was inaugurated on Wednesday August 21 at the same time the conference "In teoamoxtli in teotlahtolli: Nuevas miradas sobre los textos cristianos en lenguas indígenas del periodo novohispano" kicked off.



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