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I write to introduce the new Forum for Uto-Aztecan Studies – an online community for scholars and scholarship of the Uto-Aztecan languages.

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Query: Nahuatl numbers



The number system in Nahuatl is vigesimil, so it goes up by twenties rather than by tens, as in the European system.

The term for twenties is pohualli, for four-hundreds is tzontli, and for eight-thousands is xiquipilli, reading my copy of Molina.  But is there a term for the one hundred sixty-thousands (that is, twenty times eight thousand)?


J. F. Schwaller


Translators needed

Several folks have asked me to post the following request:


RAICES needs volunteer translators who speak Meso-American indigenous languages (e.g., zapotec, nahua, ma'am, quich'e, maya, mixe, mixteco-- not Spanish). Do you know anybody? They don't need to be in Texas, or even in the US. They can translate remotely.
email volunteer@raicestexas.org




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