First European Nahuatl Conference - Warsaw, November 17-18, 2017

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From: Jerry Offner <>

Date Nov. 1, 2017


This conference, in the current center of Nahua studies, Warsaw, Poland, is filled with cutting-edge Nahua investigators from many countries engaged with and firmly rooted in ethnography, colonial texts and precontact and postcontact indigenous graphic expression. Nahua are of course included, as is the practice in Warsaw.  Gone are the days of coffee table books filled with personal musings or "iconographic" "interpretations" regarding "Aztec" Thought and Philosophy supported by a few dictionary entries or brief passages from Sahagun. These new generations of investigators are replacing the old ways with authentic, richly documented and supported understanding of the long history of the Nahua, post precontact and postcontact.  But for limitations on working in the U.S, many of the young people featured here would be the clear top candidates for any job openings at U.S. universities.  A few Americans are making the trip.  More should plan for future editions of this conference.  Justyna Olko, John Sullivan, Agnieszka Brylak and Julia Madajczak should be congratulated for their idea for this conference and for all the supporting work they have done.


Jerry Offner


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