NEH Summer Institute: Worlds in Collision

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 Applications are invited from college faculty, full-time or contingent, to participate in a three-week Summer Institute exploring the newly accessible archives of 16th century Spanish and Nahua textual and pictorial documents that give expression to the new existential realities created by the Spanish incursions into the Valley of Mexico in 1519-1521: the overthrow of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, and the founding of Spanish colonial Mexico City. The intriguing primary documents we will analyze — along with crucial secondary studies by our visiting scholars and others — take multiple forms: written alphabetic texts in Spanish or Nahuatl; ideographic calendars and books of divination; and pictorial histories in the form of scrolls, codices, lienzos (linens) and maps. The written source materials will be accessible to participants in English translation, with excerpts and secondary studies posted as library e-Reserves on an Institute Blackboard site, and the crucial pictorial manuscripts and maps will be accessible online, as well as in printed facsimiles.

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